Sep 3, 2013

Marriage and Relationship Goals- September Addition

New month equals new Marriage and Relationship Goals! I am loving this series hosted by Amberly and Kayln!

 This month, my new goal is to really and truly connect with people. To give them my complete attention, to be in the present moment.  Often times, we may comment on a status update, or blog post, or even answer emails and we are drinking our coffee, watching TV, face timing someone else- just a million things at once while we are supposed to be replying to one person! We are not truly IN the moment or IN the reply, we are scattered into a million multi-tasking pieces. And I mean, is that really cherishing that relationship, by not giving it our full attention? I think not.

So, this month I am really going to push myself to focus on my connections with people. It may be a family member, my Husband, my friends... even my grocery store clerk. To fully commit to the moment and the person I am speaking to at that time. I may be over analyzing this, but sometimes I feel like people may think I'm not paying attention to them, or not taking them serious. At the very least they may think I'm just not interested in whatever conversation is happening. The truth is- I am listening, I just may be also thinking of my grocery list, my weekly menu, who's email I need to respond to, did I set the DVR to record my favorite shows, OMGEE did I leave the iron on? etc.. I'm not sure if this qualifies as ADD or just me needing to organize myself something bad. I do well with schedules and lists, so I've made myself a binder in hopes that if I have everything together, and have the visual, that there won't be the immense need to remember and complete tasks before I forget it.

To the planning binder,  it's just a regular binder with page dividers. On the page dividers, I've labeled them:  Daily Sheets, Weekly Menus, Grocery/Craft List, Craft Ideas, Birthday Calendar, Monthly Calendars, Blog Ideas, Accounts & Passwords. To fill the dividers, I searched and found ones on Pinterest and printed them out. I may tweak a few according to my needs, but for now the free printable ones will work perfectly!

I can't wait to see what this month will bring, and see if my planner will really help me or cause more stress than it's worth!  I pray that God will help me structure my life a bit more so I can focus on really connecting with the fabulous people that He has placed in my path!

What are your monthly goals? Do you have a planner to help you organize your life or any tips? I'd love to hear them! Please comment below!

Marriage & Relationship Goals

Mission Statement:

Monthly Marriage & Relationship Goals are simple goals that we, as wives or girlfriends, can personally make each month in order to strive for the very best in our relationships without ever growing complacent in serving our significant other. Overall, the link-up portion of this series will serve to facilitate accountability as women join together to share encouragement and inspirational motivation for completing challenges each month by beginning with broad goals and working through each week creating more specific goals. At the end of the month, we will summarize what was accomplished, the successes we've had and what we could have done better. We would love for you to link up with us and share your posts on Tuesday each week as we strive in different ways to serve our significant other with more intentionality and purpose.


  1. I love this goal!!! :) I think it's a super important one, it's really easy to not focus as much as we should on someone and not even realize it! Thanks for linking up!

  2. Great goal Jessy!! I could use more focus as well multi tasking is one thing that I do often. I really get so carried away with this or that and forget what I was doing in the beginning.

  3. This is a awesome goal and definitely one that I can see play out in my future from time to time. I think it will be very awesome to see how much you get from this month! Thanks for linking up! Always here for you!


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