Mar 14, 2014

Find Beauty Friday, My Green Thumb Is Itching Edition

Hey Y'all! Today is FRIDAYYYY! Time to link up with Aimee for Find Beauty Friday!

 I hear that it will get up to 50 degrees today! I think this calls for another balcony day for Ginny and I as we plan and plot what plants and flowers we want to share our little outdoor space with.  I would love veggies as well as flowers, but I just don't think there is enough space out there for both. Who will will out, my practical side, or my girly side?

We did manage to get out to Trader Joe's this week. I adore that store! Everyone seems so happy to work there, and lets not forget all of the cute signs and displays! And no, this is not a sponsored post. It's a happy one becauseeeeee they put the flowers on display! I managed to get these two beauties and they seem to be doing well inside! I had to add my latest project into the mix. It's a scrap yarn crochet blanket, or will be. But I just learned the bubble stitch and it's so unique!

Are any of you starting to feel your green thumb itching for Spring?


  1. That is a really cute journal! What kind of planner is that?

  2. yes it is and I have been scratching it a bit too. Spent some time tidying the garden last week. Hugs


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