Jun 27, 2014

Find Beauty Friday, Is that noses up in the air?

Happy Aloha Friday! That's one phrase from the island that's stuck with me. The people of Oahu LOVEEEEE their Fridays and celebrate the weekend any chance they get!

Today, I'm linking up with Aimee from This Darling Day for Find Beauty Friday!

This Darling Day

For my Find Beauty Friday, I want to share with you a photo from when we visited the downtown area. They have a river walk that is just so nice! This bridge is darling and I always have to stop and take 50 pictures!

If I ever find a photographer, (that's decent price in this town) I'll want to go to this bridge and the river walk for the photo shoot! I say decent price because it seemed like this area was a little more expensive than surrounding areas, and I was right! We were voted the #4 snobbiest places! I think that if I walked around town in my camo, I may get spat upon! Just kidding, maybe! :)

Our weekend plans are to get pool time in as much as possible! It's been weird weather here, with dry conditions, and thunderstorms/rain everyday! I just need a 3 hour window, and I'll be taking advantage of the outdoors!

BONUS**** I've created an instagram account just for the purpose of selling items that I can't list on Etsy! Right now, this includes all of my extra Vera Bradley items! Go add me and snag you some amazing deals! 
TACshopmyhome on Instagram

What are your plans for the weekend? Comment below!


  1. I love your photo. Looks like a wonderful place to take photos. :)

  2. Beautiful!

    I have been checking out your new IG account. I have my eye on some things. Hope they are still there next week on payday! ;-)


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