Sep 30, 2013

Monday's are for railroading

Today's post won't be much of a post. Yesterday we visited Chris' family after church. It was fun and Ginny got along with the other dog and acutally played!  We were finally seeing a somewhat normal dog!  After hours of her playing, not 5 minutes after we left she was out cold!

Today will be cleaning/railroading this messy house and prepping for this week's meals.  It will also be me hoping and praying this migraine stays away!

How was your weekends?

Sep 27, 2013

The Chocolate Monkey

There was the cutest little coffee place on the North Shore of Oahu that we loved! The Coffee Gallery in Haleiwa. If you are ever on the island, go there! The one thing I ordered almost every time was a drink called The Chocolate Monkey, or maybe some other name... now that I'm thinking about it, I can't recall the exact name but it's something like that, and it is delicious! Just enough sweet with the chocolate to tame the sweet tooth, but still half healthy with the banana, and the peanut butter gives you protein to make it through the day!

Here's the approximate recipe- adjust it to how you like it!

The Chocolate Monkey

1 banana- peeled
1tsp Cocoa powder
1Tbsp Peanut Butter- Mine is probably closer to 2.
1 cup Almond Milk- Vanilla
1 Handful of ice cubes
2Tbsp Flax Seeds (optional)

Throw all that into your blender, blend until smooth & there you have it!

This is delicious enough to make it your to-go breakfast for any weekend plans you may have! Hope y'all have a fun weekend!
Sep 26, 2013

White Sox or Cubs?

The Hubs gave me a choice when we moved here- White Sox or Cubs. His family and friends are divided, so it's funny when one says something good about a team, someone else chimes in (mostly Chris) about the other team being just as good if not better.

So, I stated that I must attend both teams at a home game before I even think about picking one. A few weeks ago, we attended a Cubs game with the in-laws. I definitely see the charm in Wrigley Field. The ivy growing on the walls, how we sat at the top in outfield but still felt very much a part of the game, hearing- and seeing the Chicago street hustle and bustle, it was nice!
This week, we went to US Cellular field, the White Sox's stadium. This place was huge! I have to say, my first White Sox game was fun! All of the iron/steel work was blacked out, decently comfy seats A.K.A. enough leg room seats, it was nice, too!

Now, I don't really follow baseball like I do my SEC football, but I have decided that... I really can't decide right now! Both games we attended, it's the end of the season, half of the seats were empty, I mean I could go on & on, but it's hard to just choose one team! Of course I want to pick a good team that will win a lot, which everyone says the Cubs are notorious for loosing, so that's a point for the Sox, Husband is a huge Sox fan, most of his friends and family are Cubs fans, Wrigley Field is adorable, but US Cellular is nicer, ahh! So I'm undecided until maybe next year!

Do you guys follow any sports along side your significant others or are you guys a house divided?
Sep 25, 2013


Is it wrong that I keep singing the 867-5903 song to Ginny? I don't think so! She likes it! I'm trying to record her "Zombie Walk" because it is hilarious! I have to share it with y'all!  She gets excited and walks away from you, but she bends her body in half and turns her head around to look at you but tilts it to the side, it's hard to explain, but it's the most unnatural thing ever! She really does look like a zombie dog walking!

Her update: She's doing well! She's settled in the apartment and we have our routines down. She doesn't play. Like never plays with toys or anything. The most excitement we get is with the laser pointer- she chases it, but it's not a play chasing, it's like a catch and destroy type. She may walk by her toys and squeak them once or twice, then walks away. She's just a lazy Maw-Maw dog! Oh, and if we've been out running errands and come back in, she gets super excited and her whimper sounds like her squeak toys, but it's a massive lick attack  for about 5 minutes. SO I know there is excitement at times, but most of the time, she just wants to be pet and cuddled and loved...every second of the day. She will nudge your hand if you stop and if you don't' continue, she walks away! I mean, is this lady a diva or what? Ha!

She also is super smart and knows when something is different. Like the night that I turned off the ceiling fan... this is what happened ALL NIGHT when she passed through the living room or even thought about the fan...

It's hard with adoptions, because you don't really know what they have been though. Maybe she was punished with her previous owners about chewing on things or playing, so she doesn't do it now. We're not sure, but we love her the way she is... diva attitude and all!

Sep 24, 2013

September Marriage and Relationship Goals Update

This month, my marriage and relationship goals were to really connect and be present in the moment when corresponding to family and friends. I feel like this was such an important goal to me especially because I tend to do many things at once and it was getting a little ridiculous! I have way too many things being tossed around in my brain- new quilt ideas, do I have enough fabric for that? emails, blog posts, photography for the blog posts, personal photography ideas, pen and ink drawings, who's birthday is coming up? Gotta go to Hallmark and get cards, should we pull names this Christmas since we all  won't be together for this one? Must complete and upload one project a week... and so on. WAY too much clutter! I did make the planner and honestly, most days I forget about it! On the days I do remember to check it first, it helps, but I'm still not able to just focus! I don't know what the deal is! I think maybe just with the holidays coming up and travel arrangements to be made, I'm just stretched too thin? Not sure, but I need some clarity soon!

My goal seemed simple in the beginning, but it's proving to be a challenge for me. I'm not giving up though! I can do this! Philippians 4:13 is going up as my chalkboard message this week!

How are your goals going this month? Comment below!

And if you're interested in joining, please see below for the rules from Kalyn and Amberly!

New to the Marriage & Relationship Goals Link-up? Goals help our relationships grow stronger and get better with time as well as help us move forward and avoid the "ruts" of life. This link-up was created in hopes of inspiring your relationship with your significant other no matter your chapter in life and love. Kalyn and I would love for you to join us whenever is best for you to make the things you do in your relationship intentional. Whether it's every week, every month, or less often, we'd love to have you!  If you would like more information, click here. If you would like to sign up for the newsletter, click here. If you would like to read my past marriage goals, click here.

Marriage & Relationship Goals

Mission Statement:

Monthly Marriage & Relationship Goals are simple goals that we, as wives or girlfriends, can personally make each month in order to strive for the very best in our relationships without ever growing complacent in serving our significant other. Overall, the link-up portion of this series will serve to facilitate accountability as women join together to share encouragement and inspirational motivation for completing challenges each month by beginning with broad goals and working through each week creating more specific goals. At the end of the month, we will summarize what was accomplished, the successes we've had and what we could have done better. We would love for you to link up with us and share your posts on Tuesday each week as we strive in different ways to serve our significant other with more intentionality and purpose.
1. Write a post about a goal you have set and are working on to improve your marriage or relationship.
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6. Visit other blogs, find inspiration for future goals, and encourage the other women in their quest to achieve great things!
Sep 23, 2013

A little pick me up

Good morning! I hope y'all are all rested from the weekend and all your football teams are winning! My weekend was great, came up with new sewing designs and items for the shop, hopefully I'll have them listed in the store soon!

This past week, my lovely Kenyan friend Grace, who we met on our Expat Explore European tour this past January, she posted this amazing video on Facebook (from Youtube) and I just have to share.  Now, the first couple of minutes is kind of awkward, like who is this guy telling me this? HA! But, give it a few minutes, and it gets so much better! It is nice to be reminded that as women, we are pretty amazing creatures! By the end, I was so moved and almost  in tears!

I hope this brightens your day, my friends!

This is from, EVERYTHING about this is amazing!
Sep 20, 2013

Counting Blessings, Loving Pumpkins!

Counting  up my blessings! Psalm 24:5 He shall receive a blessing from the LORD And righteousness from the God of his salvation.

Loving PUMPKINS! I love this time of year with everyone putting out pumpkin drinks, desserts, candles, just everything pumpkin!

Planning my menu for the next week. It may take 30 minutes to write a weekly plan down, but I feel as though it saves me so much time looking from the pantry to the fridge trying to put things together

Studying as much as I can about the Word. I'm also studying A woman after God's own heart book. :)

Hoping that I am connecting with everyone in my life. It was my monthly goal to truly connect, so I hope I'm making some progress!

Wanting a tropical island where all of my friends and family live with us, on the island, not the same house :)

Shopping for a Kitchen Aid Mixer! I want one, but there always seems to be different attachments and deals in every store I find!


Learning how to have more patience, see above for perfect example!

Writing blog posts about Europe.It was such an amazing experience, although it went by way too fast. Each city had so much history and beauty, I am racking my brain trying to recall as much info as I can for y'all!

Expecting The time from now until the first of the year to be super busy with orders and family. I need to organize all of my lists!

Praying for a deeper relationship with God. <~ I second this, Charity.

Preparing My menu and weekly goals/to do lists. And to dye my hair. I change it so often I learned how to do it myself. Saves tons!

Desiring More hours in the day where I'm productive.

Drinking Pineapple Kona Pop tea, delicious!

Wearing Gray V-neck tee and black yoga pants, perfectly comfy outfit for today!

Your Turn: thoughts, comments on my answers? Anything y'all are doing exceptionally wonderful? Do tell!


Sep 19, 2013

Boys Behind the Blog

Boys Behind The Blog

Join us on the third Thursday of every month for the Boys Behind the Blog link-up!

The Boys Behind the Blog is a monthly linkup by Stephanie & Mal, featuring your husband/fiancé/boyfriend/best guy friend, whoever that's a guy!  This link up was created to brag about our men and get them more involved in our blogs.

Here's how it works: we post the questions on the 1st Thursday of the month, you ask your man to answer 5 easy questions and then link up with us on the 3rd Thursday of the month. 
I came across this link up and thought it was just fabulous! We don't really hear much from the guys in our lives, so this is a good way to get them involved without pulling them kicking and screaming! :) OK, so here are this months questions...
1. If you were an animal, what animal would you be?

"I would be an eagle, I think- or some kind of dolphin."

2. What is your favorite meal?
"Favorite meal is mashed potatoes and gravy, corn, and a great steak."
3. Do you use any forms of Social Media? What is your favorite? 
"I use Facebook."
4. Beer, wine, liquor, other, or none of the above?
"Favorite beer is either Sam Adams light or New Castle."
5. Complete the sentence: "Never have I ever..."
"Never have I ever shot someone."


Best of Europe in Pictures, Part 1

Here, my friends, are a few of my most treasured pictures from Europe, part 1. My plans are to post an entry for each city we went to in Europe, but for now, I'll sneak you a peek at my favorite pictures. Which one is your favorite? Comment below all this fabulousness! I hope you enjoy them!

Sep 18, 2013

Geaux Tigers!

Lets face it, it's football season, and I don't know if you can tell or not, but this little lady is HAPPY about it! HAPPY HAPPY HAPPY. So during the week, I've been coming up with cute game day accessories! I've already posted a few, but these lovelies below I came up with this morning. I just have to share!  And if you absolutely can't live without them, click on the SHOP button above and scoop them up!

Teasing Your Hair- to do, or not to do?

I am sure yall have seen all of the super cute hair tutorials that are all over Pinterest lately. All promise to be easy to replicate, just 5 steps, blah blah blah. I get sooooo excited when I see them thinking to myself, OH! I can totally do this one and it won't take all day? Say whaaaaa?? So I click, and click, and click. And on every, single, one, it says to do what? TEASE. Tease your hair, backcomb, rattail, whatever word they use, they all want me to purposefully damage my hair to make this one hairdo. I just can't do it! My hair is fine in texture. I have a lot, and half of it is board straight, the other is spastic and thinks it can curl which turns out to wavy funky strands. But it is mine. And I have enough issues with it being this way that I can't bring myself into causing even more damage and problems. I also try to stay away from the blow dryer, curler, and flat iron as much as I can, but there is days where a gal just wants nice hair! So I give in. Which is fine when my hair is semi short, so I can keep trimming away the dead and no biggie. However, times like now when I've decided to grow it out a bit, I must be vigilant in protecting this mop.

Stringy Haired girl!

So, back to the teasing. How can I get controlled volume when/where I want it? I've decided this... after my morning workout, I leave my hair wet, spray a little leave in conditioner, and let it go for a few hours. when it's mostly dry, I spray in my coconut oil mist and start with a wide comb to detangle, then use my boars hair brush to finish getting it tamed. And I just leave it down. Maybe a bobby pin or two if my bangs are getting on my last nerve, but that's it.

 This is where the magic happens, right before bed during my bathroom procedure, I spray a little more leave in conditioner- ok pause here. My hair is also extremely dry throughout the entire shaft, so I need as much moisture as I can possibly get, hence all the leave in usage.  Resuming- Spray a little leave in, one final brush out and then I French braid it. Yes, just like when you were a young girl, and yes, it does make you revert back to middle school cheerleading days when it was actually cool to French braid your hair and read The Babysitters Club books. 

In fact, it stays braided the next day even when I do something... say like hiking a mountain in Hawaii with this handsome guy!

 Having layers and fine hair,   I just do one braid down the middle, sometimes two, but I'm sure you can do two if your hair is thick or super long. I use my soft hair ties that I made in this tutorial so it's not so tight it leaves a big dent where you put it.

Fast forward to the next morning, not only is my hair  an un-birds nest because of flailing around all night, but it's wavy! It looks like I spent an hour + making these waves with a heat tool! I can literally just take the braid down and go. Bam. Problems solved and hair saved! Try it! Your hair will thank you!

Sep 17, 2013

infertility etiquette

There are days that I think I need to wear a sign that says- I have Endometriosis and cannot have kids, stop asking (my story is in the works, it's just a tough one to type out). Other days, God gives me more grace than that to handle the whole situation, and I can explain it all with a smile on my face.  Fact is, for us, being 30 and married and NOT having kids really encourages others to ask why, when will you have kids? do you even want kids? what's the deal? And honestly, when I get asked that question, even if it's someone who I've known forever, it's like they just sucker punched me in the gut. Infertility is hard people! If I want to talk about it with you, I will, no need to poke and prod me- the doctors do that enough! :)

So, I thought I'd share a little infertility etiquette. Some folks may think they are problem solvers and mention certain things to you that the think you haven't thought of. Trust me, I have researched everything I could get my eyes on for thousands of hours over the course of 12 years, your suggestion is nice, but not needed. And I understand that once someone knows about your situation, they offer advice from a good place in their hearts. And for that I am thankful that they care. But just know that each statement brings back a flood of pain that we just didn't want to deal with at that moment. Here are some statements and or questions you really should keep to yourself:

God will bring you a baby when you're ready.... Yes, I know this. God and I have had many many many long conversations/pleads/begs/emotional outbursts/hissy-fits about this subject. I know.

Have you guys thought about adoption.... With my case, after the doctors seeing that the only way to give me my life back was a radical hysterectomy, me having my own child is out of the window and so of course we have thought about adoption- it's the only way we will get a kid.

Did you freeze your eggs... No, why- did you freeze yours? I mean come on, this is like asking a guy if his sperm is swimming good. Way too personal.

I'm pregnant! Yay! You can babysit any time you want!...We are happy about your pregnancy, we truly are, but no, babysitting your child will not make me feel any better about the fact that I don't have one. Thanks though. And be cautious in your words-  I understand everyone is excited about it, but if that is the only topic of conversation for the duration of the pregnancy- I will not want to talk to you. It might be petty, but I don't think it's too much to ask for other topics in conversation at least half the time.

Just relax... it will happen when it's supposed to.... Did you just seriously tell me to relax? The old cave woman DNA tells us to have kids and nurture our family. You have that threatened or abolished and then have someone tell you to relax. Not gonna happen.

Just think, you'll be able to travel, have money, sleep late, do anything you want without kids!... Do not minimize the problem and please do not think, for one second, that I'd rather have all worldly possessions and opportunities instead of a child. Do I seem that shallow to you?

Maybe some people aren't meant to be parents...How cruel are you? Do you think God thinks I'm such a bad person that I can't be trusted with a child? Am I any worse than parents who abuse their children? Who sell them off to human traffickers? Don't you think God would've prevented the pregnancies in women who just planned on getting an abortion in the first place? Infertility is a medical condition, not a punishment from God.

Don't make dumb jokes just because you don't know what to say... Don't joke about "Oh I'll donate sperm or eggs" I do not want your sperm or eggs! If you don't know what to say, just say something nice like, "I'll keep you in my prayers" and that's it. Change the subject!

You're so lucky you don't have to push a baby out/have swollen ankles/gain 50 pounds/be overly emotional...Don't complain about your pregnancy... Fact is, I'd trade places with you in a heart beat. Don't be inconsiderate.

Like I said before, infertility is hard. Unless you've been through it yourself, please don't tell me what we should or shouldn't be doing. I've never been and never will be pregnant so I won't order you around about your pregnancy. Deal? Deal.

And this may seem angry. Truth is, most women who have trouble with infertility are angry when others speak so nonchalantly about it! We have a daily battle with the Devil telling us this and that, we may have a pity party and cry about it, we may have jealousy issues at times, and many more bad things and thoughts because our hearts are breaking about this issue. The only thing that keeps me going is knowing God has a plan for my life. Maybe it's to raise awareness about Endometriosis, or to help a fellow gal through her surgeries and infertility issues, to offer comfort to who ever needs it- wife, husband, even friend to the couple with the infertility issues. And maybe it's God's plan that I don't pass this down to a daughter because honestly, knowing that I could pass Endometriosis down, would absolutely break my heart. There is no way on God's green earth that I would wish this on anyone, much less my own child.

There are millions of ladies going through infertility issues, all I ask is that you read over these and hopefully never say these to those ladies again. Be considerate, be truthful, but come from a place of God, put yourself in her shoes and choose your words carefully. Hey, sometimes we don't need words, just a hug will do!

Sep 16, 2013

Slackers Unite

Hey y'all! I've kinda been slacking on the posts lately. I know, it's horribly inconsiderate! ;) I've had a rough pain week and I've just been kinda lounging, taking it easy per Husbands orders. I think its all downhill now and should be back to normal tomorrow, hopefully anyway because I have a few new fabrics I'm itching to create with! Fingers crossed!
To hold you over, I'll share a few photos with ya!
Sep 15, 2013
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Sep 12, 2013

The 10 Songs I'd listen to for the rest of my life...

This is a super hard list to make. I. Love. Music. It has to be on most of the day. It will lift my mood from gloomy to sunshine and rainbows at a rate of 1000mph. So to make a list that only has 10 songs, is near impossible for me, but I'll try it no particular order...

Frankenstein- Edgar Winter Group
How great thou art- Any version, but the Carrie Underwood one is sticking with me.
Brown eyed girl- Van Morrison
Oh, how he loves us- David Crowder Band
Barrel of a 45- Shinedown
Somewhere over the rainbow- Iz
Mozart's final piano concerto - No. 27 in B flat major, Allegro (first movement)
Sittin on the dock of the bay, Otis Redding
Wonderful Tonight, Eric Clapton
Of course, Free Bird, Lynyrd Skynyrd. If you live in the south, you pretty much associate this song with your childhood. :)

This list was extremely hard to make! I love music, it comforts me, hypes me up, mellows me gives me what I need, when I need it. It's a great relationship! So of course my first (and only so far) tattoo was this...

I want to know... what role does music play in your life? And what's one of your very favorite songs? Comment below!

Sep 11, 2013

So Excited about this one!

Ladies, because football season is here, and I'm a huge Tigers fan, I have to share this gorgeousness that is now available at my Etsy store-

20 Things About Me

Hey Y'all! Today, I am inspired by my lovely blogger buddies Charity and Amberly to answer 20 things about me. Typically, I try to stay away from anything too personal on the blog, but I do want to know more about you guys, so it's only fair you know more about me! OK, here goes!

What's your favorite thing about where you live? My favorite thing about where I live is the huge nature preserve that's right down the road. Don't get me wrong, I love that it takes me 5 minutes to get to any and every store I could possibly ever need, and the fact that it takes Husband 2 minutes to get to work... but I am a country girl at heart and need wide open spaces. I need to look at the horizon and see nothing man-made, and the nature preserve gives me that. Plus, they have a nice fishing pond!

What are 3 things you are grateful for? I am the type of person who is grateful for EVERYTHING. Grateful for God, Husband, family, friends, My new doggie Ginny, sunshine, pumpkin lattes, paintbrushes, my sewing machine- I could go on forever. I know that God works in my life in big and small ways, and I am truly grateful for everything. So to limit it to only 3 is simply impossible! Can not happen.

What is the story behind your blog name? The story behind the name of the blog is the same as my business because I couldn't narrow it down to one specific craft name, such as painting, sewing, jewelry...because I do them all! So artsy was perfect. And Cajun because I am a Cajun, and I'm proud of that. We are a unique kind of people, and no, all Cajuns aren't all like what you see on TV shows like Swamp People, so please don't ask me how many alligators I've wrestled! Ha! God gave me the good sense to stay far away from gators!

What is one think you'd like to learn? I have an insatiable need to learn everything I can. But lately, the biggies are I want to learn real French and as many languages as I can, to learn my bible inside and out, learning everything about my ancestry.

What does your ideal day look like? My ideal day would have to include Pumpkin Lattes, nature and or hikes with my Hubs and my new doggie- Ginny, fabric/craft shopping, lots of laughs and conversations with everyone, cooking and consuming delicious food with those I love, movies, LSU FOOTBALL complete wearing jersey, a soak in a bubble bath, and just going to sleep counting my blessings!
Krotz Springs & Port Barre readers, please note the shout out I was giving my Cracklin' Fest cup :)
When are you at your best? My best is when I am tapped into the grateful feeling I get from concentrating on every blessing I have instead of succumbing to the negatives in life. And in the morning, I'm totally a morning person!

If you could meet any blogger in person, who would you choose? I want to meet them all! I've found new friends out in blogger world, and I love it!! To name a few, Charity from A Word From A Nerd, Amberly from Life with Amberly and Joe, Kayln from Love Laughter Happily Ever After, Gazing in a Garden, Marked by Grace, The Dwelling Tree, The Empty Teacups, Two-Thirds Scarlett, and many many more!

Which blogs are you loving right now? So many! All of the above plus any that involve faith, tea, cooking, sewing and crafts.
Tell us something we don't know about you. I have Stage 4 Endometriosis, have had many surgeries and will have no choice but to adopt a child when we are ready for children. Its something I struggle with with pain, and emotions of never being able to have my own children, but I have to lay in Jesus' comfort to get me through and give me inspiration and strength to carry on and lead a happy life!

Favorite piece of jewelry other than your wedding/engagement ring and why? A few years ago, my beloved Grandmother, Eva, and I were cleaning out her "junk drawers" in her dresser and I found a small coin like thing that was black with tarnish. She wanted to toss it, probably because she had no idea what it was, and I said well let me see if I can clean it for you. Turns out, this was her sterling silver medal with Jesus on one side, and Mary and baby Jesus on the other. This medal was given to her by her mother when she was 5 years old in 1930, and she wore it every day until her 18th birthday. Jesus' nose is worn smooth!  She gave it to me and it blew my socks off! I also started wearing it daily and since she passed away last year, it has brought me so much comfort. That was one special Lady.

My grandmother (right)...
Who inspires you? My parents inspire me. They have been through so many trials and tribulations in their life together, and their love for each other has only grown. They are amazing!

What is your favorite family tradition? Our family has been spread out over the globe for the last 10 years and it's really hard to get together for holidays and really commit to a tradition. But, I guess the traditions we have really kept is when one of my brothers come back from serving in a war, we lite a huge bonfire, I'm talking 20 feet tall, and just hang out at my parents house. There may have been a few occasions where we ran around the bonfire like wild Cherokee Indians... it's in our blood so hey, why not? :)

Who do you admire most as a blogger and why? You know, I am so new to the blogging world that I admire all bloggers who have stuck it out for years and are so inspiring with their faith and dedication! It does require a good bit of time and energy to keep a blog going!

Is this how you imagined your life would be?  My life has taken so many twists and turns that I have stopped imagining things and just trusting in my faith to lead me where I need to be. And right now, I never dreamed I'd be in this place in time, but I'm so very happy that I am! Better than I would've imagined for myself with such a sweet and loving husband!

Show us your favorite picture and explain why you love it. My favorite picture is of me and my Grandmother sitting in rocking chairs on her front porch laughing and talking. Sadly, I think this particular picture is at my moms house and is not digital. But my next favorite picture is this:

How did your blog come about? I started blogging so I could have a single outlet that our friends and family could keep up with us and our travels and adventures, and so I wouldn't have to email a bunch of people the same things and pictures over & over. Also, instructions for my friends who wanted to know how I do different types of crafts.

What do you love about yourself? I love my creative side, I love that I can take junk or scraps and make something cute. I also love my big heart, how once I let someone in, they are loved to pieces!

If money were no question, I'd purchase my own tropical island, it doesn't have to be huge, but has to fit enough houses for all of my lovelies and a church. As well as everything we could possibly need to live. That would be awesome! Side note, I really really want to retire in Bali or somewhere very similar to that.

What's your biggest struggle in life? I touched on this above, but dealing with Endometriosis is my biggest struggle. Trying to stay positive about it and struggling to have a normal life and normal relationships through the daily pain. However, through dealing with all of the fall out from this disease has drawn me so much closer to God. And for that, I am truly thankful because without Him, I know I would be in a very dark place instead of the happy shiny glitter filled place that I am now! Yay!

Name something you have learned that surprised you. I just learned that Cindy Crawford is a descendant from Charlemagne! How cool is that? Does anyone else watch the show, "Who do you think you are"? It is such a cool show! Maybe it's because I love history, but y'all should check it out!
There, now you know more about me, I'd like to know more about you! Please feel free to pick a question (or all of them) and answer it in the comments section below! Ekk! I'm so excited & can't wait to hear your answers!
This week I'm linking up with the ladies for Wildcard Wednesdays! This is my first time linking up with them, but it looks like fun!