Dec 3, 2014

European Tour, Day 19, Barcelona to Avignon

Continuing our Europe Trip from 2013, 
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Expat Explore- Ultimate Europe Coach Tour

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 We left bright and early from Barcelona headed to Avignon. Since it was a long drive day, we had a stop over in Pont du Gard, a gorgeous and stunning sight. I also stopped into their souvenir shop and picked up some lovely French milled soaps!

We loaded back up and headed on to Avignon. The city was beautiful, all of the walls and the greatest sight there- the old Papal Palace! Our walking tour was brisk but, as always, chock full of information. Like how corrupt families back then tried to buy the papal seat. After dinner, (nothing special) we had free time. I believe we stayed in either this or this Ibis hotel. I have to say, all of the Ibis hotels were clean, nice, and had comfortable beds. I definitely recommend finding one if you are hesitant about accommodations overseas.

Expat Explore had this to say, "

Day 19: Visit Avignon

Adios, Barcelona! You have been wonderful! Heading back into France, continue through the French countryside, and get up close and personal, with a 2000 year old Roman Built aqua duct, at Pont du Gard. Walking along it, you will notice that there are no nails, cement or mortar holding the arches together. The Pont du Gard has been an attraction for centuries, primarily based on its immaculate three tiered construction, which carried over 44 million gallons of water a day to the local townships. A very important historical site, UNESCO have included it in their heritage listing - and rightly so. Your final stop of the day will be in Avignon - also known affectionately as ‘The City of Popes’. It is an amazingly preserved, fortified city commune with a long history, stunning architecture and religious significance. Another UNESCO Heritage Site and you will see many more during your tour. Enjoy an orientation walking tour of Avignon, which will show you the Papal Palace as well as other significant structures, and after dinner, your evening is free to explore as you wish.
Breakfast, dinner. Overnight accommodation."

Now, time for my favorite part of these posts, sharing our photos! 

Pont Du Gard:

And now, Avignon: 


Hope you've enjoyed this! Stay tuned for Day 20, where we head to Geneva and then Switzerland!

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